One year later

I’ve used MyFitnessPal off and on since 2014, but was never really that serious about it. I didn’t constantly weigh in or otherwise log my progress.

In 2018, I had been using the app for longer than I ever had, but I got frustrated because I didn’t log for a few days and lost a multi-month streak. I did the only proper thing one could do in response: I said to hell with it and deleted the app. On a whim, on 7 January 2019, I re-installed it.

I will remember that date forever. That morning, I weighed in at 97 kg (214 pounds). Though I’ve been heavier than that in the past, I didn’t weigh myself consistently enough to know exactly how heavy I had been. I played with the settings and established a goal of around 79 kg (175 pounds). The app told me to cut my calories back. I never really payed attention to how much I was eating. Like most people, I didn’t think it was that much food. Logging proved just how wrong I was.

I decided to try keeping within the goals I set for myself. After completing the diary each day, I’d review the five-week weight estimate. Once I started seeing progress, I was hooked. My health became a game I wanted to win.

Looking back, I’m kinda shocked. I was loosing about 5 kg (10 pounds) per month. I got to my goal by mid-May. Since then, I’ve mostly maintained: I’ve been down to 78 kg (172 pounds) and around the holidays I was at 82 kg (181 pounds). Today I weighed 80 kg (176 pounds).

I feel better than I have in long time, both physically and mentally. I’ve since had to replace my entire wardrobe—twice! I was wearing size 38 pants and XL shirts and now I’m wearing 32 pants and small shirts. I used to hide my weight with baggier clothing, but now feel confident with more form fitting garments. I hate baggy clothing now.

Getting technical, I get more of my calories from fats, avoid excessive carbs, and strive to get some exercise. But, it’s not that difficult. People tend to overcomplicate things. You need to use willpower to tell yourself that you’ve consumed enough for one day and that you really need to move some more.

Enough carrying on. People who think they’re healthy tend to do that. I’m not a professional, but I can attempt to answer your questions. I hope I can inspire you to change your life too. If you’re thinking about making a change, you’re ready.

Let’s do this.

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